Wine meets cider in new aperitif drink

Wine meets cider in new aperitif drink

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MANCHESTER – 10th October 2014:  This week, Gama turns its attention to  a new cider-meets-wine hybrid – Wapple Anteprima Wine-Based Drink.

Recently unveiled in Italy, Wapple is promoted as a “new dimension” in alcoholic aperitifs. The 8% abv drink – coined from the words “wine” and “apple” – has been developed by Consorzio Ortofrutticolo di Belfiore, a fruitgrowers’ cooperative from the north of Italy, and is made uniquely from fruit produced in the Veneto region. Said to be neither cider nor wine – “simply Wapple” – it comes in two versions: one with greater acidity, and one that is fruitier, with a more pronounced apple flavour. Ultimately, the two fruits receive roughly equal billing, with grapes making up 51% of the recipe and apples the majority of the rest.

A challenge for Wapple may be that cider is neither a traditional nor a newly popular product in Italy.  Indeed, some industry sources predict that cider sales in Italy may already have reached a peak and could be set for a gradual decline over the coming years. Instead the UK and other northern European countries, where fruity, sparkling abv drinks have boomed, are Wapple’s primary target.

This is not to say, however, that Wapple might not succeed in Italy: it may just be that an alternative approach is required. One possibility would be to borrow from the traditional language of wine – highlighting the quality or origin of ingredients, production methods, fruit varieties or even growing conditions. Such an approach could help overcome the barriers to cider’s success, helping to place the category on an equal footing with the more established and respected  wine market.

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Image source: Consorzio Ortofrutticolo di Belfiore


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