Gama offers a wide range of bespoke research projects to enable you to better understand your market and identify new opportunities.

We have a wealth of expertise in business information, with experience across a wide range of industry sectors, from FMCG to financial services, telecoms to construction. We deliver large-scale, multi-market projects, leveraging our global network of in-country experts and our project management experience.

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Ideation and innovation

Let us inspire your business with a tailored innovation and ideation package. A range of tools are at your disposal, from innovation sweeps to product retrievals, store audits to workshops – all designed to inspire your next winning idea.

Competitor analysis

Stay one step ahead of the market with a Gama competitor analysis. Our primary and secondary research gives you the inside knowledge on where your competitors are going—allowing you to make the first move.


Find out how you can become a world-class performer in your chosen markets through our unique benchmarking methodology. Learn how to make better use of your resources, respond to consumer behaviour, drive internal improvements and enhance your external marketing campaigns.

Market & category assessment

Looking to enter a new market or category? Or just trying to expand in an existing one? Gama can provide a 360° review of categories and markets anywhere in the world through a bespoke combination of primary and secondary research and proprietary analysis.