Water, tea and fruit juice prove the ‘natural’ hotspots

Water, tea and fruit juice prove the ‘natural’ hotspots

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MANCHESTER – 22nd January 2016: ‘Natural’ continues to be a cornerstone of product marketing in new food and especially new drinks launches, according to Gama’s latest study of claims in global new consumer goods.

In product launches reported on Gama Compass™  over the course of 2015, ‘natural’ was the fifth most likely claim to be used by product marketeers, while two other ‘non-artificial’ claims – ‘no artificial colours’ and ‘no artificial flavours’ – also appeared in the top five. The overall pattern showed little change on 2014 data when ‘natural’ claims were also in fifth place, although the overall number of launches featuring the claim did show a modest decline between the two years, decreasing from 8.9% to 7.4% of new products reported.

Closer inspection of the data revealed a number of particular hotpsots for ‘natural’ claims across global new product launches. At the industry level, for instance, ‘natural’ proved a dominant force in non-alcoholic drinks, appearing on 13.4% of launches, rising to 34.6% in the bottled water market, 17.4% in tea and 15.5% in fruit and vegetable drinks & juices. In the food space, meanwhile, popular markets for ‘natural’ claims included preserved products & spreads and sauces & seasonings, in which 13.1% and 12.8% of launches respectively were described as ‘natural’. By contrast, there were some markets in which the 'natural' claim barely figured – fewer than 1% of chocolate launches, for instance, sought to boast of their ‘natural’ qualities.

Source: Gama Compass™


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