USA: Wrigley set to launch sugar-free gum for kids

USA: Wrigley set to launch sugar-free gum for kids

Wrigley has recently announced plans to launch Orbit for Kids, a new sugar-free gum marketed at children.

The sugar-free gum is claimed to help and protect the teeth by stimulating saliva flow, neutralising plaque acids and helping to keep them clean. According to DentistryIQ, the gum is recognised for its benefits and has been awarded  the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance.

Dr. Amanda Seay, spokesperson for Orbit for Kids said: “Dental disease is the leading chronic illness among children. While parents understand the importance of brushing and flossing twice a day, many don’t realize the importance of proper oral care throughout the day”. She added: “a lot of damage can be done to teeth between brushings, so it’s vital to educate patients and parents about easy, and fun, ways to help protect teeth, like chewing Orbit for Kids sugar-free gum.”

The gum will be available from July and comes in two flavours aimed at children: Strawberry Banana and Original Bubble Gum.

Source: DentistryIQ