USA: Walmart experimenting with ‘invisible barcodes’

USA: Walmart experimenting with ‘invisible barcodes’

Walmart is developing a new technology which could one day could replace barcodes and reduce supermarket checkout times, according to an article in TheDrum.

The US retail giant is reportedly experimenting with invisible watermarks on product packaging, meaning that products could be recognised using a single scan anywhere on their surface area, rather than a defined strip.

The technology, which is being created by Walmart’s Lab 415-C, could help speed up the checkout process as cashiers no longer need to seek out the barcode to scan a product. In theory, it could even obviate the need for the customer to visit a physical checkout at all, as products could potentially be scanned and priced within the shopping trolley itself.

Sharing the concept on Instagram, Walmart chief executive Doug MacMillon is reported as saying:  “Technologies like invisible watermarking could transform the way our customers check out”.

Source: The Drum