USA: Steep Echo launches Olive Leaf Tea

USA: Steep Echo launches Olive Leaf Tea

US-based startup herbal tea firm Steep Echo has announced the launch of a new Olive Leaf Tea that is promoted as all natural, caffeine free, and made from hand-harvested Santa Barbaran dried olive leaves combined with botanicals.

The five blends offered by the company are said to have been crafted in partnership with industry experts and artisans of the tea trade, and comprise  Ascent (a spiced blend that has notes of cinnamon, monk fruit and vanilla), Bloom (peppermint, Echinacea and savoury herbs with a cranberry and licorice flavour for immune defence), Hush (ginger, peppermint and lemon myrtle with the flavour of maple for relaxation), Repose (chamomile, linden and floral blossoms) and Tend (corn silk and couch grass with flavours of lemon myrtle, mango and pomegranate for digestion).

The line contains oleuropein, a compound said to be known for helping to fight infection, and is also claimed provide antioxidants greater than that of green tea and vitamin C.

The company will be offering Steep Echo Olive Leaf Tea in boxes of 12 sachets for an RRP of $15.

Source: Steep Echo (via PR Newswire)