USA: PepsiCo launches ‘four in one’ Doritos Mix

USA: PepsiCo launches ‘four in one’ Doritos Mix

PepsiCo, through its Frito-Lay division, is introducing a new range of crisps in the US under its Doritos brand that are claimed to deliver a “multi-sensorial experience”.

Touted as “the biggest product launch in [the brand’s] recent history”, Doritos Mix Tortilla Chips feature a combination of four different Doritos shapes and flavours in one bag.  According to the company, Doritos Mix come in a Cheese Explosion variety, featuring the flavours Nacho Cheese, Four Cheese, Jumpin' Jack Cheese and Spicy Nacho, and also a Taco Explosion assortment combining  Spicy Nacho, Sour Cream, Taco and Salsa flavours. Both mixes are described as featuring chips in the classic triangular shape as well as that of the‘ Dinamita rolled tortilla, a twist and an open triangle.

Frito-Lay North America VP of marketing Jeannie Cho said: "Doritos Mix gives fans what they've been seeking in two new flavors: Cheese Explosion and Taco Explosion — bringing out a 'Four Snacks in One' Doritos experience.  Our consumers have told us they’re seeking bold flavours and greater variety. With Doritos Mix, they now have a unique blend of four different flavours and shapes in one bag”.

Doritos Mix snacks are available in a 3oz bag for $1.49 and a 9.5oz bag for an RRP of  $4.29.

Source: PepsiCo (via PR Newswire)