USA: New palm oil unveiled for pet food products

USA: New palm oil unveiled for pet food products

Horn Animal Wellness has partnered with IOI Loders Croklaan (Loders) to announce the introduction of a new generation of high-stability palm oil. The new palm oil product is said to serve the pet food kibble industry by addressing the shortcomings of conventional canola oil currently available in the market.

Horn, the distributor of specialty animal ingredients, and IOI Loders Croklaan, the supplier of specialty oils and fats, are launching the new oil under the CoteRite 100 trade name.

“We are very excited to present the results of our partnership with IOI Loders Croklaan in the form of a new, stable option for kibble coating. Cote Rite 100 is equal in palatability to chicken fat and five times more palatable than canola oil. Cote Rite 100 has an added benefit of the product being fluid and providing longer shelf life to the final product,” Jane Petrolino, vice president of HORN Animal Wellness said.

Tim Surin, director of sales and marketing for IOI Loders Croklaan, said, “We are pleased to collaborate with HORN Animal Wellness on this enhanced product. The natural structure of CoteRite 100 makes it an ideal solution to extend shelf life. With a significantly higher level of saturated fatty acids, CoteRite 100 is less likely to go rancid.”

CoteRite 100 is described as a trans fat-free, non-hydrogenated oil derived from palm oil that can be blended with or without additives to enhance pet food application. Designed to contain low solids at room temperature, it is claimed to be a solution for coating applications where fluidity and longer shelf life are required.

Source: Horn