USA: New chemical-free collection from Herbal Essences

USA: New chemical-free collection from Herbal Essences

Proctor and Gamble has unveiled a new collection as part of its Herbal Essences range in the USA. The new premium line, called “Naked”, is set to launch in January, according to College Fashion.

The new collection, which is named Naked as it does not include any silicon, parabens or colorants, will include three sub lines – Volume, Moisture and Shine. The price point is described as being nearly 30% above the standard Herbal Essences line, due to the brand investing in an improved "fragrance experience", according to a company spokesperson.

The new collection is based on a minty fragrance, blended with other scents include citrus, white tea or pear, depending on the product.

Meanwhile the dry shampoos will feature new formulas that create a fine mist without left over residue. The formulas also include the use of natural tapioca pudding and "mint technology" to improve the overall scent, it is claimed.

The Naked collection, totalling 11 new products, will be available online and in stores from January 2014.

Source: College Fashion / Beauty Almanac