USA: Nestle to reformulate pizzas and snacks

USA: Nestle to reformulate pizzas and snacks

Nestle USA has recently announced plans to remove artificial flavours and reduce sodium in its frozen pizza and snack products by the end of 2015.

The company said that the “changes will affect more than 250 products across six brands”.

Foodbusinessnews reports that by the end of the year the products will contain no artificial flavous and will see sodium reduced by 10% compared with 2013 levels. Nestle will also issue new on-pack guidance to consumers to educate them on portion control and a balanced diet, the report adds.

John Carmichael, president of the Nestle Pizza & Snacking Division, Nestle USA spoke of the change by saying: “We know people want to feel good about the foods they eat, and they’re seeking foods made with fewer artificial ingredients and less sodium. As one of the nation’s largest food companies, Nestle is listening to consumers and delivering on their desire for convenient, great-tasting foods that have an improved nutritional profile”.

Cassie Hoover, RDN, nutrition, health and wellness manager, Nestle Pizza & Snacking Division, Nestle USA is also quoted as saying: “We’ll continue to look for ways to help people enjoy our pizza and snack options as part of a well-balanced, great-tasting and nutritious diet”.

Source: Foodbusinessnews