USA: Nestle launches personalised dog food

USA: Nestle launches personalised dog food

In a novel twist on the personalisation trend, Nestle has announced a new platform for its Purina brand that allows owners to create a unique dog food blend designed to meet the individual needs of their pet.

Described by Nestle as "the first time a major pet food producer has moved into the personalised food category for dogs in the US market", the system works via an online platform called which establishes a dog's individual characteristics and preferences.

Owners start the ordering process by answering various questions about their dog, including age, activity level, breed, and body condition. Other factors taken into account include a dog’s weight and coat health. They can then select chicken, lamb or salmon as the first ingredient for their dog’s food, and can indicate whether others, such as grains and soy, should be included, Nestle said.

Owners also have the option of personalising the food packaging by including a photo of their dog and adding his or her name to the bag.

“By inviting dog owners to tell us the things only they can know about their dogs, we are able to provide a personalised blend optimised to that dog’s individual nutritional needs,” commented Brian Lester, director of marketing for Just Right by Purina.

Nestle said that a personalised food product for cats was also being explored.

Source: Nestle