USA: Nestle Health Science launches ProNourish brand

USA: Nestle Health Science launches ProNourish brand

Nestle Health Science has launched ProNourish, a drink designed to have low FODMAPs and aimed at consumers with digestive problems, in the USA.

The drink, which comes in French Vanilla and Strawbeerry Banana flavours, is marketed as a nutritional drink that aids a low FODMAP diet for at home or on-the-go consumption. FODMAP is an acronym for specific types of carbohydrates which can be poorly absorbed and therefore result in gastrointestinal problems.

The product is said to be the first of its kind distributed nationally which can be found in the nutritional drinks section or on the Nestle Nutrition store. Nestle has also launched an online resource for consumers seeking more information on FODMAPs.

Nestle Health Science is a health company focused on advancing nutritional therapy to change health trends for consumers, patients and partners in healthcare.

Source: BevNet