USA: Kellogg launches Pringles Loud

USA: Kellogg launches Pringles Loud

Kellogg, the US cereal and snacks firm, has announced the launch of Pringles Loud, a "new, bold line-up" of crisps "layered with flavor to shake up your snack routine".

According to a company press release,  the "crunchy corn- and grain & veggie-based crisps" come in black packaging and in the varieties Fiery Chili Lime ("spicy tomato flavor , [...] some lime and [..] a delicious heat),  Mighty Margherita Pizza (a "grain & veggie crisp [...] layered with the classic ingredients of the popular pizza – tomato, basil and mozzarella"), Salsa Fiesta ("a saucy celebration in your mouth"), Spicy Queso ("delicious, melty cheese and peppers with corn crisps") and Super Cheesy Italian (featuring "layered cheese and herb flavors").

Commenting on the launch, Pringles director of marketing Kurt Simon said: "We're excited to introduce Pringles LOUD to all the snack rebels out there. Fans craving a little food adventure are sure to love the LOUD crunch and flavor".

The product lineup is being introduced from January 2017.

Source: Kellogg