USA: Just Born’s Peeps to become a ‘year round’ snack

USA: Just Born’s Peeps to become a ‘year round’ snack

Peeps, the marshmallow chick confectionery which is normally only available at Easter, will now become a year round snack in response to consumer demand, according to manufacturer Just Born.

As reported by Food Business News, the iconic confectionery debuted 61 years ago and has benefited from steady innovation in more recent years. Although precise figures are not released by the company, Business Week states that sales figures have remained strong and a consumer focus group is said to have come back strongly in favour of a year round product.

Matthew Pye, Vice-President of Trade Relations and Corporate Affairs for Just Born, commented that “People hoard their Peeps after Easter. We’ve been able to quietly go outside the Easter season. New shapes and colours have stretched the brand beyond the spring season, with candy cane Peeps at Christmas, bubble gum and lemonade flavours in the summer, and pink hearts for Valentine’s Day. Just Born also added chocolate-dipped Peeps, bringing new users to the franchise”.

The year round offering is available in a mini version and is presented in a resealable bag.

Source: Food Business News/Business Week