USA: Hormel launches products aimed at cancer patients

USA: Hormel launches products aimed at cancer patients

Hormel Foods, the US manufacturer of meat and other food products, has announced the of a new line of packaged food and drinks aimed specifically at cancer patients.

Named Hormel Vital Cuisine, the line is targeted at “individuals battling decreased appetite and energy, unintentional weight loss and fatigue while undergoing cancer treatment” and includes ready meals, nutrition shakes and whey protein powders.

Described as being developed with support from experts at the Cancer Nutrition Consortium (CNC), the line is said to be nutrient and proteinrich: “a huge benefit to patients who often battle a drastic loss of energy and muscle mass while going through cancer treatment”.

Commenting on the launch, Hormel strategy and business manager Chet S. Rao said: “During product development, we brought together researchers in both the health and culinary fields to ensure a thorough understanding of a patient’s needs during various phases of treatment”.

He added: “This product line was thoughtfully crafted, since many product attributes such as flavor, texture, and ingredients are known to affect patients differently during their cancer journey, during which eating and drinking can be challenging”.

Source: Hormel