USA: Hershey adds sweet spreads to portfolio

USA: Hershey adds sweet spreads to portfolio

The Hershey Company has announced it will move into the chocolate spread market with a new launch in the USA.

By branching out into sweet spreads, Hershey will be competing with existing major brands such as Ferrero’s Nutella and J.M Smucker. The new spreads – available in chocolate, chocolate & almond, and chocolate & hazelnut varieties – add to Hershey’s portfolio of syrups, cocoa and chocolate bars.

Anna Ling, spokesperson for The Hershey Company, stated “The average American snacks more than two times a day and what better way to transform everyday snacks into delicious treats, than with the genuine chocolate flavour that only Hershey can deliver".

According to Hershey, the new spread will act as a ‘snack enhancer’ for consumers. The spreads will retail at $3.79 for a 13oz jar and will feature as part of an extensive marketing campaign to continue throughout 2014.

Source: Just Food