USA: Heineken to launch new Margarita flavour beer

USA: Heineken to launch new Margarita flavour beer

Heineken has announced that it is due to release a new Margarita flavour beer in the USA this April.

Named Dos Equis Dos-A-Rita, it is said to be based on a popular cocktail recipe originally created in Texas, and is described as a blend of Dos Equis Lager and classic Margarita flavours, sweetened with 100% premium Agave nectar.

“The Dos Equis brand continues to post double digit growth across all channels,” noted Monique Acevedo, VP Innovation at Heineken USA. “In addition, the flavored/beer mixes segment is showing the highest rate of growth (+197% versus last year) indicating that consumers (LDA+) are more open to experimentation and variety beyond regular beer. Dos-A-Rita is poised to capitalize on these growth trends with a more premium and authentic lager margarita that leverages the strength and momentum of the Dos Equis brand.”

Dos Equis Dos-a-Rita is claimed to be targeted at consumers between 23 and 34 years of age, and will be available in 24oz. single serve cans and 8 oz. can in a 12-pack.

Source: Marketing 4 Food / Heineken