USA: Healthy Beverage launches Steaz Cactus Water

USA: Healthy Beverage launches Steaz Cactus Water

US-based company Healthy Beverage has announced the launch of new line of functional Cactus Water drinks under the Steaz brand, according to reports in Beverage Industry and Beverage Daily.

Steaz Cactus Water is described as a ready-to-drink organic beverage based on prickly pear, blended with green tea and natural flavours and lightly sweetened with stevia. Claimed to comprise “a light, refreshing blend”, the product is said to provide natural hydration and is claimed to contain only 50 calories per serving.

The new line is further promoted as "hydration for the mind, body and soul" and is claimed to be high in antioxidants and electrolytes and to reduce inflammation.

Steaz Cactus Water is offered in three flavours: with Green Tea, with Cucumber and Green Tea, and with Starfruit and Green Tea. They come in a 12oz can for an RRP of $2.70.

Source: Beverage Industry / Beverage Daily / Healthy Beverage