USA: Ferrero to launch flavour-changing Tic Tac sweets

USA: Ferrero to launch flavour-changing Tic Tac sweets

Confectionery firm Ferrero has launched new a version of its Tic Tac sweets that are claimed to create a “flavour changing experience”.

According to Bloomberg, Tic Tac Mixers are aimed at “young consumers who hate being bored” and is the company’s first major innovation since 2008.

Todd Midura, Marketing Director for Tic Tac in the USA, commented on the launch by saying: “it was really born from looking at consumer needs and trying to make sure we’re appealing to those younger consumers”.

He went on to add: “Tic Tac has spent the last 18 months evaluating why people buy the pill-sized mints, with a focus on millennials. There are two main reasons why customers purchase Tic Tacs: to freshen their breath, as is the case with white and green varieties, or for a “sweet, fruity moment”, as with the orange flavor”.

Tic Tac mixers will be available to consumers from June 2015 in a Cherry-Cola variety, which transitions from cherry to a “classic” cola flavour, and a Peach-Lemonade variety, which changes from peach to sweet lemonade.

Source: Bloomberg/ Food Business News