USA: Dannon launches Light & Fit protein shakes

USA: Dannon launches Light & Fit protein shakes

Dannon, the US arm of Danone, has introduced a new high-protein milkshake drink as it tries to tap into demand for on-the-go, high protein products.

The new Dannon Light & Fit range is said to contain 12 grams of protein and 5 grams of fibre per serving, as well as being free of fat.

Commenting on the launch, Amanda Soled, Registered Dietitian and Associate Health Affairs Manager at The Dannon Company, said: “Choosing healthy meals and snacks on hectic days can sometimes prove difficult if better-for-you foods aren’t readily available. I recommend keeping nutritious options that satisfy your taste buds handy, so that it’s easier to make smarter food choices. Light & Fit Protein Shakes not only offer key nutrients like protein and fiber, but a delicious taste, helping you avoid some of those less healthy cravings”.

Jeffrey Rothman, Vice President of Marketing at The Dannon Company, added: “At Dannon, we understand that people lead busy, on-the-go lives, and our goal in creating Light & Fit Protein Shakes was to expand the current line so that enjoying Light & Fit yogurt’s benefits can be easy and convenient”.

Danonn Light & Fit shakes come in a choice of Strawberry, Mixed Berry and Vanilla flavours and are available across the US in a 10 fl. oz. bottle.

Source: Danone