USA: Creme of Nature launches “first 100% plant-derived straightening cream”

USA: Creme of Nature launches “first 100% plant-derived straightening cream”

Creme of Nature, a brand of Colomer Beauty Brands, has announced the launch of Straight From Eden, a straightening cream that is claimed to be 100% derived from plants and to contain natural oils to prevent damage to hair caused by chemical straightening. Straight from Eden will be available from January at $7.99 -$10.99 from beauty suppliers and market stores.

Among the ingredients in the product are coconut, avocado and other natural oils that penetrate the cuticle to improve the condition of the hair and reduce the damage associated with straightening, it is said. The new formula is also claimed to be free from petrolatums, formaldehyde, sulphates, parabens, mineral oils and  alcohol.

"We have clinically proven that natural oils in the relaxer cream are alive and present at the point of activation," said Shawn Tollerson,  Colomer Beauty Brands Vice President of Marketing. "After four years of research and development, we found a way to provide consumers with the straightening performance they demand, while also allowing the natural oils to penetrate the hair during the relaxer process. This is unprecedented."

Straight From Eden will be available for two hair types: Type A, for fine, wavy, delicate hair, which is claimed to reduce frizz and improve manageability, and Type B, for normal to thick hair.

Source: Colomer Beauty Brands