USA: Coca-Cola invests in Aloe Gloe

USA: Coca-Cola invests in Aloe Gloe

Soft drinks firm Coca-Cola has announced an investment in aloe vera drinks company Aloe Gloe through its Venturing & Emerging Brands (VEB) unit.

Aloe Gloe is a part of LA Libations,  an emerging beverage incubator founded by Danny Stepper, Pat Bolden and Dino Sarti who first met while working as merchandisers for Coca-Cola Enterprises.

Aloe Gloe produces a range of aloe vera drinks that are promoted as containing 300mg organic aloe vera, no preservatives or gluten and only 18 calories per serving. The four varieties in the line comprise Crisp Aloe, Lemonade, White Grape and Coconut, the latter "with 15% organic coconut water".

Commenting on the move, VEB  president Scott Uzzell said: "Our minority investment in Aloe Gloe gives VEB a further entry in the emerging market segment for plant-based beverages. We look forward to partnering with Aloe Gloe to help them capture growth from this exciting consumer trend".

Source: Coca-COola