USA: Campbell’s launches Prego Farmers’ Market pasta sauce

USA: Campbell’s launches Prego Farmers’ Market pasta sauce

US food and drink company Campbell Soup has introduced a new range of Italian sauce – “made with tomatoes picked at their peak, herbs and vegetables” – under the Prego Farmers’ Market brand name.

The new line of sauces comprises the varieties Classic Marinara "made with vine-ripened tomatoes, olive oil, basil onions and oregano", Roasted Garlic which "adds sweetness to the vine-ripened tomatoes and olive oil", and Tomato & Basil which has been "made with the essential ingredients in an Italian recipe, tomato and basil".

To celebrate the launch, Campbell said it was bringing a "farm" into the city with the transformation of a 450 sq ft outdoor space in Chelsea Plaza, New York.  “We’re inviting New Yorkers to a first of its kind experience, a farm in a mason jar!” said Prego senior marketing manager Neeli Straiges. “We are excited about the launch of Prego Farmers’ Market and wanted to bring the essence of the product to life in a unique way. The new sauce is made with the highest quality ingredients and what better way to showcase the launch than to bring a farm to life in the center of New York City".

Prego Farmers’ Market sauces are offered in 23.5 oz glass mason jars for a suggested retail price of US$ 3.99.

Source: Campbell