USA: Campari America launches Skyy Barcraft vodka

USA: Campari America launches Skyy Barcraft vodka

Campari America, the American subsidiary of Davide Campari-Milano S.p.A, has expanded its Skyy vodka line-up with the launch of a range of  flavoured vodka called Skyy Barcraft.

The new launch is said to be aimed at meeting consumer demand for craft cocktails at home “but without the multiple steps and hard-to-find ingredients”. Skyy Barcraft, as the name suggests, is promoted as replicating “the experience you would find in a premium bar or restaurant”, but using only two ingredients: Skyy Barcraft and club soda.

“SKYY Barcraft is the next step in flavored vodka”, commented Christine Moll, Category Marketing Director Vodka at Campari America, “We're answering the need for more interesting flavour profiles and filling a white space in the premium vodka category with SKYY Barcraft”.

Skyy Barcraft has 30% abv and will be sold in the varieties Margarita Lime, Watermelon Fresca and White Sangria. It will be available in 1l and 750ml formats with an RRP of $26.49 and $18.49 respectively; in addition the Margarita Lime and Watermelon Fresca flavours will come in a 50ml size with an RRP of $1.99.

Source: Campari