USA: PepsiCo introduces “next generation” soft drinks

USA: PepsiCo introduces “next generation” soft drinks

Food and drink giant PepsiCo is introducing two new "healthier" alternatives to soft drinks called IZZE Fusions and Lemon Lemon, reportedly to target generation Z.

IZZE Fusions and Lemon Lemon aim to appeal to younger consumers by containing fewer calories, less sugar, and no artificial sweeteners or flavours.

"The consumer is getting more sophisticate", said Gary So, VP of marketing portfolio transformation for PepsiCo's North America beverage unit. "They are looking for new options but typically don't want to sacrifice on taste".

Described as "A sort of soda. A sort of juice. A sort of sparkling water.", IZZE Fusions has been developed to address what is described as Generation Z's preference for a broad range of drinks. "They are consuming a lot of different beverages, like sparking water, sparking soda and juice—all different categories", Mr So added.

IZE Fusions is available in the flavours Orange Mango, Lemon Lime and Strawberry Melon across the US. Each 12oz can is said to contain 60 calories.

Lemon Lemon is defined as a sparkling lemonade "made with real lemon juice". The three varieties – Original, Peach and Blackberry – will be available in 12oz cans containing 70 calories each.

Sources: Fortune