Uruguay: Groupe Lactalis relaunches Parmalat brand

Uruguay: Groupe Lactalis relaunches Parmalat brand

After an extended absence, the Parmalat brand is being returned to Uruguay by the multinational dairy firm Lactalis.

Parmalat products had ceased to be available in Uruguay, since Ecolat, the company with the previous licence to the brand, closed its operations in the country earlier this year.

Alongside Parmalat, the French dairy firm is also planning to introduce its President and Galbani brands in the country. Under the Parmalat brand, Lactalis will launch fractionated butter and longlife whole and skimmed milk. Meanwhile locally produced danbo and gruyere cheese will be offered under the President brand, alongside mozzarella and parmesan-style hard cheeses under the Galbani brand.

According to a report in El Observador, Parmalat Uruguay’s product range is expected to be broadened gradually with both locally manufactured and imported goods.

Source: El Observador