USA: Walmart expands into “green cleaning”

USA: Walmart expands into “green cleaning”

Walmart’s latest venture into ecological household goods indicates that the USA’s number one retailer sees ethicality as an increasingly mass-market concern.

Its new Great Value Naturals line has been recently rolled out in more than 2,000 Walmart stores across the US, and is promoted as being as effective as leading conventional cleaners. Based on a new “all-natural” plant-based technology called “Evolve”, the range is advertised as 100 percent chemical-free and toxin-free, biodegradable, non-allergenic and packaged in recyclable materials. According to Walmart, the technology effectively captures and breaks down soils, grease, grime and odour-causing bacteria without leaving harmful residues or irritants behind on skin, surfaces or the environment.

Walmart’s vice president and divisional merchandise manager Alberto Dominguez commented: "The launch of Great Value Naturals is an important step in making green cleaning habits an affordable option for millions of consumers. Many consumers have the perception that all-natural cleaners are more expensive and don’t work as well as traditional cleaning products. Great Value Naturals addresses those concerns by combining affordability, performance and care for the environment."

The range of cleaning products comprises a laundry detergent, a multi-surface cleaner, a glass and window cleaner, and an automatic dishwasher gel.

Source: Walmart