UK: Warburtons launches new line of premium loaves

UK: Warburtons launches new line of premium loaves

Warburtons is launching a new bread line said to offer four special varieties based on premium ingredients.

The new range is available in the varieties Old English White (a white bread inspired by traditional baking heritage), Malted Grain & Seed (a malted grained bread with poppy, millet, sunflower, brown linseed and sesame seeds), Wholegrain and Oat (a blend of wholegrain flour and oats topped with oat flakes), and Honey Wheat (made with Mexican honey, then lightly topped with bran) and has gone on sale priced at £1.39.

Darren Littler, Innovation Director at Warburtons, said: “We’ve used 135 years of baking expertise to carefully create our new range of loaves for those special family occasions when only a superb blend of flavours will do”.

“We’re passionate about providing consumers with new and exciting products to captivate their interest in the sector which is why innovation is at the heart of everything we do”.

The company said it would support the new range of loaves with an integrated communications campaign, including PR as well as other methods such as social media and in-store promotions.

Source: FDIN