UK: Waitrose to trial home scanning

UK: Waitrose to trial home scanning

Supermarket chain Waitrose has partnered with US company Hiku to become the first retailer to trial home scanning for its customers in the UK.

The new device will allow Waitrose customers to fill their electronic/online shopping basket, meaning customers can either scan the barcode or speak the product name into the device, which also comes with a voice to text recognition capability.

The palm sized device can be easily attached to a fridge or kept around the home for all the family to use, Waitrose said. Customers will also be able to add items as they are used in the home, speak ingredients from a recipe, or add items on the go through an app on their phone.

Hiku gives customers a simple way of compiling or adding to their list and is the first shopping solution in the UK that combines helpful technology in the kitchen with the convenience of online shopping, the retailer added.

Employees and customer focus groups will trial the Hiku device this month, with in-home trial planned for early 2015.

Source: Waitrose