UK: Waitrose to open 14 new stores

UK: Waitrose to open 14 new stores

Supermarket chain Waitrose has announced the opening of 14 new stores across the UK, starting from spring 2015.

The expansion comes in the form of seven new supermarkets and seven new convenience stores  on top of two stores already opened in January, and will reportedly add almost 230,000 sq ft of selling space. The majority of stores will be located in the south-east of the country, although new supermarkets will also open in Wollaton (Nottinghamshire) and Milngavie (East Dumbartonshire).

Waitrose director of development, Nigel Keen, said: "Our expansion story continues as we take the brand to more customers and invest in our omni-channel approach".

"Last year many of our new branches received than more than 10 applications for every vacancy - so we're delighted to be able to create an additional 2,000 roles in 2015", he added.

Source: Waitrose