UK: Tenzing Energy Drink makes its debut

UK: Tenzing Energy Drink makes its debut

The launch has been announced of a new energy drink for the UK market based on “all-natural” ingredients.

Developed by former Red Bull executive Huib Van Bockel alongside Jamling Tenzing Norgay, Tenzing Energy Drink is described as a low sugar, all-natural beverage, made from rock salts from the Himalayas, guarana and lemon juice from Brazil, green coffee and green tea from Kenya, and 13g of beet sugar from the Netherlands.

The mix of natural caffeine and the L-Theanine is claimed to be a first in a market that, according to Mr Van Bockel, is “saturated with drinks that use artificial ingredients”.

The product is being made available in an aluminium can and has a price online of £1.49 ($2.23).

Source: Retail Times / Tenzing