UK: Streamline Foods launches Fruit Shoot Jam range

UK: Streamline Foods launches Fruit Shoot Jam range

Streamline Foods Company, a manufacturer of jams and marmalades specializing in low sugar products, has launched a new range of squeeze bottle jams targeting children.

The company is marketing the range under the Froot Shoot brand, licensed from Britvic and already well established in the children’s soft drinks market.

The new Fruit Shoot jams, which will be available in Apple & Blackcurrant, Strawberry & Summer Fruits and Orange flavours, are said to contain 30% less sugar than standard products, are made with 45% fruit, and will be smooth to appeal to children, Streamline said. The line will also be suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs.

Marketing manager for Streamline Foods, Severine Brault, commented: “This is the first child-friendly product we have produced, and we believe it will fly off the shelves. Parents are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their children’s sugar intake, while the kids themselves are more concerned with how it tastes. The squeeze Fruit Shoot jams tick both boxes and retail buyers have said they are pleased to see true innovation happening in the category.”

The packaging will be based on the Fruit Shoot drinks range, and will feature an easy-open bottle that children can use on their own, the company said.

Fruit Shoot jam ranges will be priced at an RRP of £1.59 ($2.70) for a 300g bottle.

Source: Talking Retail