UK: Soupologie launches “raw” soup

UK: Soupologie launches “raw” soup

UK dairy and gluten free soup specialist Soupologie has announced the launch of the "UK's first" raw soup, which is destined to hit shelves from September.

Claimed to "revolutionise the way we eat soup", the Soupologie Raw line is promoted as "ready to eat, living-food soups [that] are nutritional powerhouses of enzymes, vitamins and minerals [...] contain[ing] all the fibrous flesh, seeds, rind and pulp, which are kept as part of the blending process, leaving all the nutrients and fibre intact".

“Soupologie soups are carefully designed with flavour and nutrition in mind", commented Soupologie founder Stephen Argent. "They are savoury with a full-bodied, rounded depth of flavour that comes from the seasoning and herbs, in exactly the same way is if they were creating a soup that’s meant to be eaten warm – the only difference being that these raw soups are meant to be eaten chilled and we’ve put them into a bottle for on-the-go ease".

The new line comprises the varieties Beetroot & Mint, Watermelon & Chilli, Strawberry Tarragon & Lucuma, Cucumber Kale & Avocado and Spinach Mango Lime & Baobab.

Source: Natural Products / Soupologie