UK: Sirane launches “indoor barbecue” bag

UK: Sirane launches “indoor barbecue” bag

UK-based Sirane group, which specialises in packaging absorbency and cooking bags, has unveiled its new Sira Cook Supreme BBQ bag packaging.

The latest development in cooking bags is a heat-sealed cooking bag that is suitable for indoor and outdoor cooking in an oven, on a hot plate or griddle.

“This bag is the perfect summer solution for retailers—it can be filled, heat-sealed and shipped as a ready meal that can go straight on the barbecue,” said Jeremy Hayden Davies, Sirane sales director. “But the Sira-Cook Supreme bag is also ovenable—which might be a real bonus with the unreliable British climate. The bag’s versatility could be a distinct advantage.”

Haydn Davies went on to state that additional bags could be placed alongisde the larger meat bag for vegetables and sauces, thus providing a complete family-sized meal.

The bag will be available in numerous sizes and in standard and non-stick versions.

Source: Canadian Manufacturing