UK: Peter’s Foods Services enters retail frozen food

UK: Peter’s Foods Services enters retail frozen food

Pastry manufacturer Peter’s Food Services has extended its reach into retail frozen products for the first time with the launch of pork sausages exclusively in Tesco stores.

Although widely available in foodservice for many years, the Tesco launch is the first time Peter’s sausages will be available for the public to purchase and cook at home, the South Wales company said.

The product will be available in a 720g bags containing 16 pork sausages and will be sold at a recommended selling price of £3.20 ($5.48).

Clare Morgan, Marketing Director at Peter’s Food said: “Peter’s is fortunate to have a loyal following in Wales, and as our consumers already buy into the frozen category, our extension into the frozen sausage retail market was a natural next step”.

“Consumers trust Peter’s and know that we will deliver on quality and value. With 16 sausages in a bag, the packs are ideal for families to store and dish up when they want to serve a convenient meal”.

Source: FDIN