UK: New tea brand to hit shelves

UK: New tea brand to hit shelves

The Tea Huggers range of herbal teas is to launch in the UK.

Tea Huggers was founded by Esther Thompson and is based in North London. The range includes seven flavours that are aimed at addressing specific lifestyle needs, named Slow Down, Skinny Fit, Detox, Chill Out, Flu Fit, Good Night and Good Morning.

According to Tea Huggers, their tea has been sourced globally with only quality ingredients. Meanwhile the packaging is claimed to be environmentally friendly, featuring biodegradable pyramid silken bags that are packed in the UK.

Describing herself as "obsessed with herbal tea", Thompson stated: “I’m thrilled to be bringing these gorgeous tasting teas to the market. Each tea has been lovingly blended so that every mouthful is packed full of flavour.”

Tea Huggers tea will be available in stores across the UK as well as online, priced at £4.50.

Source: FDIN / Tea Huggers