UK: New 100% fruit children’s snack primed for launch

UK: New 100% fruit children’s snack primed for launch

Crushed Ltd is set to launch Crushed, a new 100% fruit snack for children.

Crushed Ltd has announced that it will be launching its 100% fruit snack Crushed for UK consumers in February, available in two flavours. According to Crushed, the snacks will provide a healthy portion of fruit and provide children with one of their five a day.

The snacks will be available initially in Apple & Banana and Strawberry & Apple flavours, with other apple-based flavours in the pipeline for later in the year. Targeting the 7-11 year old demographic, the 100g, shelf-stable packs will be available in Waitrose stores as part of a multi pack for £3.50 .

“Having been surrounded in my business life by both parents with hectic schedules and children constantly hungry for something new and fun, it wasn’t hard to see that Crushed was just what they were after,” said Jenny Salmon, Sales Director for Crushed Ltd.

“Retailers will be pleased to know that the product has a long shelf life of up to 12 months and will be supported by a heavyweight PR and social media campaign as well as national after school club partnerships.”

Source: FDIN