UK: Nestle launches new Kit-Kat ice cream for summer

UK: Nestle launches new Kit-Kat ice cream for summer

R&R Ice Cream has added a new Kit-Kat Ice cream cone format to its range for 2014.

This new ice cream is the latest expansion to the Nestle range by R&R which already includes Fab, Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles and Milky Bar, and aims to capitalise on the brand strength of KitKat with a growing market for ice creams.

The Kit-Kat cone will be available across all major supermarkets from March at a price of £3.09 ($5.16), comprising a vanilla and chocolate ice cream with a Kit Kat finger.

Paul Feery from R&R Ice Cream, who is the head of brand marketing said: “The new Kit-Kat cone is a great example of how R&R is maximising the potential of a popular brand, in a fun and innovative way. The ice cream will appeal to existing fans, offering them a summertime eating occasion for their favourite confectionery brand.”

The UK ice cream cones market value reportedly stands at £74.8million ($124.9 million) and saw 3.9% growth last year. The Kit-Kat bar is described as UK’s bestselling confectionery brand, valued at £216 million ($361 million) annually.

Source: FDIN