UK: Morrisons to launch “Morrisons Milk for Farmers”

UK: Morrisons to launch “Morrisons Milk for Farmers”

UK supermarket chain Morrisons is to launch a new milk brand that is claimed to support dairy producers by ensuring that 10 pence per litre of the retail milk price is returned directly to farmers.

The move comes on the back of a number of direct action protests by farmers targeting the retailer's stores.

“We recognise that the current market for liquid milk is impacting on hardworking dairy farmers and their families. We want to help”, the company said in a statement.

“We want to offer practical help by being the first supermarket to launch a range of 4-pint milk at a premium of 10p per litre, all of which will be passed back directly to Arla farmers”.

The new “Morrison Milk for Farmers” brand will be available in the autumn in all  Morrisons stores, placed alongside the standard own-brand milk and thus "offering our customers the choice to support dairy farmers directly”.

Source: EPR Retail News