UK: Morrisons names Andrew Higginson as next chairman

UK: Morrisons names Andrew Higginson as next chairman

Supermarket group Morrison has Andrew Higginson as its next chairman, according to media reports.

Sir Ian Gibson, Morrison’s current chairman who is is to retire in 2015, commented: "Andy Higginson has a tremendous reputation and a distinguished career at the forefront of retailing in the UK and I am sure he will be a huge asset to Morrisons. I am very pleased to welcome him to the Board as Deputy Chairman and look forward to working with him to ensure a smooth transition to the Chairman role".

Before leaving in 2012, Mr Higginson spent 15 years on the Tesco board, including as finance director and chief executive of retailing services. He will be stepping down from his current role as chairman at Poundland and N Brown Group and senior independent director of BskyB. He will begin his new role on the 1st October of this year.

Mr Higginson said: "Whilst there are undoubted challenges in the industry at the moment, this is a fine business and I am looking forward to working with the great team at Morrisons who work hard every day to serve customers".

Source: The Telegraph / The Grocer / The BBC