UK: Kids Food Company to launch jelly pots range

UK: Kids Food Company to launch jelly pots range

The Kids Food Company has announced the launch of its new Wibble Wobbly Jelly Pots range, as it seeks to move its Kiddylicious brand into the toddler desserts category.

Described as an innovation for the 12 months and over age bracket, the products comprise fruit flavour jelly that also includes pieces of soft fruit that are vital in building a tolerance for mixed textures, the company said.

Said to be suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs, and claimed to provide one of five-a-day, the product comes in the flavours Apple & Blackcurrant, Pear & Raspberry and Peach & Strawberry and is going on sale in  in twin packs of 90g pots, priced at £1.35 ($2.31).

Wibble Wobble Jelly Pots is one of four new ranges that the Kids Food Company is planning to introduce in the UK under the Kiddylicious brand as it seeks to extend its product range.

Source: FDIN