UK: Kellogg to launch Ancient Legends in 2016

UK: Kellogg to launch Ancient Legends in 2016

Breakfast cereal maker Kellogg is set to introduce a new ‘ancient grain’ line called Ancient Legends in the UK, according to an article in Bakery & Snacks.

Set for launch in 2016, Ancient Legends will be comprised of six product varieties containing grains such as spelt and rye and in formats such as muesli, granola and cereal.

The line is described as being similar to the Origins line that Kellogg launched in the US earlier this year.

Commenting on the launch, Ancient Legends marketing manager Ruth Gresty said: “A number of companies have released products containing ancient grains, but they tend to be niche offerings that complicate the fixtures. People often hear about chia or rye, but then they’re shocked by the cost- we’re presenting the consumer with a great value set of products”.

The line will be sold in packs from 320g to 450g with a suggested retail price for most varieties of £2.99 ($4.53).

Source: Bakery and Snacks