UK: JF Rabbit to launch vegetable water

UK: JF Rabbit to launch vegetable water

UK-based drinks firm JF Rabbit is introducing JF Rabbit’s Veg Water, promoted as the first vegetable water to hit the market globally.

The new launch aims to appeal to consumers looking for a healthier alternative to soft drinks and to offer “a new drink experience”. It is said to be made with“fresh vegetable juice, natural Vegetable flavour and water”and is also promoted as free of added sugar and as having fewer than 10 calories per bottle.

Commenting on the news, JF Rabbit founder Felix Tanzer said: “In the face of fruity, sugar packed drinks and snacks, we set out to invent naturally healthy products from something we’re all familiar with; something we’ve all been told is good for us since we were small. VEG!”

JF Rabbit’s Veg Water is available in Ginger, Betroot and Cucumber flavours.

Source: Food and Beverage News / JF Rabbit