UK: Heinz Big range expands into chilled savouries

UK: Heinz Big range expands into chilled savouries

Peter's Food Service, the Heinz subsidiary company in the UK, has announced the extension of its Heinz Big brand into the chilled savoury market.

The company plans to introduce a new range of pastries, such as the 235g pies that will be available in five varieties: Steak Potato & HP Brown Sauce, Steak & Onion, Steak & Vegetable, Chicken & Bacon and Chicken & Leek. There will also be Steak Potato & HP Brown sauce and Chicken & Bacon pies launched with more flavours in April. Another extension will be Heinz Big 180g pasties in four varieties: Meat Feast, Steak Potato & HP Brown Sauce, Chicken & Bacon, and Angus Steak & Vegetable.

“This foundation makes for a natural extension into the chilled pastry market, so busy consumers can enjoy a new, convenient way of eating the wholesome, hearty flavours of the Big range for any meal occasion," said Chris Isaac, the Heinz Big brand manager.

Peter’s marketing director Clare Morgan added: “The positioning of the Big brand made it the ideal next step in our Heinz licensing innovation which addresses the consumer desire for convenience and growth in food on the go."

Previously, the Heinz Big portfolio included only soups and frozen ready meals. This latest venture follows the successful launch of Heinz chilled savoury pastries in 2013, also manufactured by Peter’s Food Service.

Source: ESM