UK: Diageo launchs interactive tool DRINKiQ

UK: Diageo launchs interactive tool DRINKiQ

Diageo plc, the leading alcoholic drinks multinational, has announced the launch of a new interactive tool to guide consumers to make informed choices about drinking.

The new “mobile-friendly, online tool” DRINKiQ, described as a first in the alcohol industry, is said to use interactive learning and test sgiving people information about what is contained in different drinks, what alcohol is, how it is processed and how it can affect thebody, and also how to keep track of alcohol intake.

Director of alcohol and Society at Diageo Carolyn Panzer commented: "This powerful new online tool, intended to raise collective knowledge about alcohol, allows anyone, anywhere, to quickly get a handle on how drinking affects the body, and gives the tips they need to make the right choices for them".

The tool has been released at the moment in the UK and Australia with later versions due to be rolled out in a further 20 countries.

Source: Diageo