UK: Coca Cola launches new advertising campaign

UK: Coca Cola launches new advertising campaign

Coca Cola has launched a new brand campaign called ‘Reasons to Believe’ to be launched through television advertising and social media channels as well as outdoor and in-store activity.

The Reasons to Believe campaign, developed by Ogilvy and Mater, includes a 60-second TV advertisement in which negative imagery is offset with positive scenes, offering up ‘reasons to believe’. The campaign has already been developed for more than 70 countries, adapted to each local market, Marketing Week reports.

According to Brid Drohan-Stewart, marketing director of Coca Cola Great Britain and Ireland, “Coca-Cola as a brand has never been afraid to speak its mind and has an authentic cultural depth across the world - everyone in some way has a nostalgic connection with the brand, evoking happy memories”.  She continued by asserting that Reasons to Believe followed “firmly in the footsteps” of 127 years of “bold thought provoking campaigns”.

Alongside the TV advertisement, a social media campaign will encourage consumers to share their own ‘reasons to believe’ online across Coca Cola’s digital platforms.

Source: Marketing Week