UK: Chobani Yoghurt to be withdrawn from the market

UK: Chobani Yoghurt to be withdrawn from the market

US yoghurt maker Chobani has confirmed it plans to withdraw products from the UK on a temporary basis as it looks to transition production to the country.

Chobani has confirmed plans to withdraw products temporarily from the UK market, with all lines expected to be off shelves by January 2014 before being relaunched within the next 12 months. At the same time Chobani also intends to open stores in the UK similar to the cafe model that is currently running in New York.

A spokesperson from Chobani said: "Our goal has always been to offer Chobani as a locally-sourced, locally-crafted and manufactured product. We are currently in talks with potential partners and it is our expectation to begin producing Chobani in the UK and creating UK jobs."

“Producing locally, using only naturally sourced ingredients and being an affordable, high quality, thick and creamy, strained yoghurt has proved tremendously successful in the US and Australia, and we have high hopes of the same result in the UK," they added.

Source: Just Food