UK: Cauli Rice launches cauliflower rice range

UK: Cauli Rice launches cauliflower rice range

UK based start-up Cauli Rice has released a range of microwavable rice made from cauliflower grains.

Promoted as containing between 60% and 70% fewer calories than normal rice and 1 of the recommended 5 daily fruit and vegetable servings, Cauli Rice is described by the company as  a “natural source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre helped to satisfy hunger without the calorific consequences or blood sugar spikes associated with the consumption of starchy carbohydrates”.

Cauli Rice co-founder Gem Misa-Harris said: “We believe that we have a product that is an absolute game changer in the diet and weight loss market. Rather than being restrictive, Cauli Rice is an enabler that gives you the space to enjoy the food you love. This is a brand with a modern outlook that comes to a solution by approaching the problem in a different way”.

Available in four different varieties – Original, Mediterranean, Indian Pilau, and Lemongrass and Chilli –  Cauli Rice is sold at an RRP of £1.99 ($3.12) for a 200g pouch.

Source: FoodBev / Cauli Rice