UK: Carol Joy unveils Pure Collagen Spray

UK: Carol Joy unveils Pure Collagen Spray

Skin and hair care firm Carol Joy has released what it claims to be the world’s first pure collagen skincare spray.

Made from a combination of 100% pure collagen and plant stem cells, Carol Joy Pure Collagen Spray is said to deliver long lasting transformation instantly with confirmed results that show 95% more revitalised skin, 90% more moisturised skin and 85% more even skin tone.

According to the company: “Skin-identical collagen peptides stimulate collagen synthesis by signaling skin regeneration whilst phyto-stem cell extract protects and activates the dermal stem cells for increased cell renewal and longevity”.

The product follows the launch of Carol Joy Collagen Eye and aims to provide a new way to revitalise the skin and reduce wrinkles instantly.

The product is sold in 50ml pack for £100 ($153).

Source: Cosmetics Business / Carol Joy