UK: Asda introduces prosecco alternative

UK: Asda introduces prosecco alternative

UK retailer Asda has introduced a premium sparkling wine called Progrigio, marketed as a more affordable alternative to prosecco.

Progrigio is described as "Crisp, fresh and delicately floral, with fruity aromas balanced by its dry profile that offers a hint of sweetness at the finish"."

Made from a blend of Italian grapes called Glera - which are also used to make prosecco - and Italian Pinot Grigio wine, the new wine is promoted as a lower cost alternative to Prosecco, suitable to be served in a flute glass as well as the basis for a sparkling cocktail.

Progrigio sparkling wine is exclusively available at Asda stores at a price of £5 ($6.08).

Source: Asda